Hi, everyone calls me Geoff, I have lived in Timaru, New Zealand, since I was born on 12 April 1954

My wife Marthy (Marti) is from Holland and works as a health promoter and chairs a local high school board. We have four children: Roselyn, Arjen, Annelies, and Ruben -  Rose is working for our business as an artist and the others attend local schools.  Their interests are varied but focus on painting, singing, bands, speech, drama, swimming & hockey.

 My Abilities

I also enjoy diverse interests and find I am capable in roles such as the:

  • director
  • researcher
  • planner & designer
  • marketer & promoter
  • educator & mentor

Through our company I am providing freelance services and in the long term, developing  our own 'virtual marketing' business for our family's artwork.

Being able to learn quickly and having strong technical abilities I am able to accomplish a wide variety of projects.  These often have a focus on visual communications, image development, and associated technologies.

My background is business development and engineering and I have a deep understanding of computing.

My Capabilities are in more detail here

My Interests My family, being very special for my wife and I, has focused many of our activities.  We have enjoyed developing a home together, holidaying and traveling, and supporting each other in a wide range of cultural and sporting activities.

I am a Rotarian of many years and am actively involved in several community projects including:

  • Promotion of the Arts
  • Life Education
  • Local Heritage

The outdoors remain my greatest passion with Landrovering superceding my tramping days.

Photography has gone hand-in-hand with this leading to many awards, lectures and the publishing of our book "The Secret South Island" and more recently the marketing of our photography series "OUR LAND"

See here for more information


My Third Career Phase


Freelance Enterprise

1 January 1999 - Present Time

 Employer Self Employed
Position Managing Director

Manage the development and operations of the Company and:

1.provide business and community development and educational related services

2.develop ‘virtual business’ for own range of products

Projects Undertaken Business development: Various businesses including Point Majck Ltd – manufacturer of Denheath Custard Squares assisting national expansion and product development.

Strategic planning: For various organisations including the Maori Development programme ‘Closing the Gaps”.  A major project was the redevelopment of the Hakatere Marae in Mid Canterbury.


Branding, multimedia and websites for two tourism operators

Image development strategy and artwork for a furniture manufacturer

Branding and supermarket packaging development for a consumer food manufacturer

Promotional projects for Health and Safety Programmes including local Road Safety Trust programmes

Branding and various promotional aids, mapwork/photography for Central South Island Tourism etc.

Development of a brochure promoting Rock Art in the region.

Education: Tutoring services to Christchurch Polytechnic for business management, marketing and information systems, including computing (databases, internet, website development and multimedia)

Research: Created database of 1000 artefacts and story lines relating to the Timaru Beach 1853-1886+ for the Timaru Civic Trust


‘Virtual Business’ marketing of artwork by Family Members

“Photography by Geoff Cloake” – OUR LAND SERIES

See website

“Fine art by Rose Cloake”


 My Second Career Part 2



28 February 1992 - 31 December 1998

 Employer Aorangi Business Development Board
Position Manager - Chief Executive
Responsible to Mr Don MacFarlane, Rick Ramsay (chairmen)
Role Manage the operations of the Board under the Governments Business Development Programme and to assist people to develop their businesses.

Administration of the Boards affairs in accordance with the Public Finance Act, Business Development Boards Act, and the Business Development Board Code. This required the preparation of:

  • Operational plans and budgets
  • Purchase Agreements with the Minister
  • Annual Statement of Objectives
  • Monthly Reports to the Board
  • Quarterly Reports to the Minister
  • Annual Reports to Parliament

Promotion of the Board and its services to key organisations, clients and the public by distribution of material, client visits, editorials and addresses.

Provision of information by assessing the needs of clients and enquirers, sourcing and disseminating relevant business information and opportunities, and making referrals.

Improvement of business capability by assessing or arranging assessments on business capability; discussing proposals and providing general business advice; providing leads to problem solving, innovative projects, development of business skills, techniques and procedures, and developing new offshore markets.

Administration of the Business Capability Improvement Fund (BCIE) as per the Ministers guidelines for supporting training, education, etc., and Purchase Agreement. Also involved the provision of initiative and support to new business training projects.

Administration of the Business Development Grant Scheme to assist innovation, R&D, management strategies and their implementation in new markets offshore. Also assist clients with applications to the Board.

Administration and promotion of quality programmes and awards.

Liaison and coordination with other key organisations in the Region to exchange information and develop regional initiatives.
Provision of special programmes to women and Maori to improve their awareness of the Business Development Programme and examine ways to assist their business initiatives while informing Board members and staff about their special needs and aspirations. Also to provide practical assistance, programmes, workshops, hui etc..

Assistance to the Board to advise the Minister on matters relating to business development in the region including significant business development issues, and Boards progress and client successes.

Development and maintenance of Good Employer and Employment Opportunities Programme including fair management of staff and their duties, identification of learning, training and job related development needs, training, performance assessments, remuneration reviews, observance of the Employment Contract Act, observance of the Equal Employment Opportunities Act.

Assistance to national projects of the Business Development Board network.

Ongoing development support to the Business Development Programme including, reviews, the Business Information Network, Data systems, and other projects determined and approved by Board.

Maintenance of the Boards assets for cost-effective and safe use
Continually improve operations, procedures, systems, documentation, measurement and reporting.

  • High profile and respectability gained for Board at low cost through editorials, features, function attendance and addresses etc.
  • Approval of $3.6 million funding for over 700 new business initiatives to a high level of client satisfaction. Grant support valued at over $40 million in terms of increased turn over, foreign exchange and new employment with the tax potential matched Governments contribution.
  • Advice and guidance provided to over 4300 enquirers who also indicated their high level of satisfaction.
  • Development of numerous discussions sessions, seminars, workshopscovering topics such as: exporting, compliance issues, process and quality improvement, business networking, quality certification, quality awards, the millennium bug, Marae development etc.
  • Research into business capability improvement.
  • Member of 'Local Employment Committee assisting in the development of an economic and employment profile for the region, and strategies for lifting employment.
  • Advisor to various organisations including two Aoraki Polytechnic Committees, Peel Forest OPC - Eco-Village, etc.
  • Fully developed liaisons and networks.
  • Information technologies developed for BDB network.


My Second Career Phase



17 October 1987 - 27 February 1992

Employer Aorangi Regional Development Council
(Ad-hoc to the Department of Trade and Industry
& Ministry of Commerce)
Position Executive Director
Responsible to Mr Alan R Reith (chairman)
Role To provide executive support to the Board, manage and promote development projects and seminars, and provide one-to-one assistance to grants applicants

Advising the Minster on regional development issues.
Promotion of the Investigation Grant Scheme
Assistance to applicants and advise Council on their recommendations to the Ministry of Commerce and monitor progress.
Maintenance of knowledge and understanding of economic trends.
Provide information and guidance to new and existing businesses .
Investigation and promotion economic development opportunities.
Administration of the Council affairs.
Promotion of the Council role and profile.
Maintenance and coordination with industry and other key

  • 1500 (approx) enquiries assisted
  • 182 investigation grants approved for $1,062,000
  • Promotion of applicant successes through regular media coverage and addresses
  • 3 Quality Assurance Workshops run for over 100 managers
  • Organised the National Launch of Innovation Programme and ran two "Innovation Workshops" for over 60 managers
  • Initiated and organised "Make It With Marketing" Seminar for 370 people
  • Office procedures streamlined to achieve a 40% cost reduction while increasing grant activity
  • Initiated a business directory
  • Assistance provided to Trade & Industry, Ministry of Commerce Projects
  • Streamlined reporting to Council Members
  • Developed computer-based systems: ledger, budget, cashflow, and variance reporting, enquiry/client records and reporting, etc.
  • Assisted the establishment and initial promotion of Mount Cook Marketing Limited
  • Adviser/monitor Group Development Pilot - Department of Labour
  • 1990 Commemoration promoted and coordinated groups
 Additional Roles
  • Board Member - Aorangi Public Relations Assn.
  • Member - Timaru Fishing Liaison Committee
  • Adviser to Ministry of Commerce Innovation Programme
  • Delegate 1988 Sister City visit to Orange New South Wales.



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