Geoff Cloake AT LARGE 23 June - 25 July 2012

Solo Exhibition:

Geoff Cloake AT LARGE
23 June - 25 July 2012

Geoff Cloake AT LARGE - Public photo art exhibition opened 22 June 2012, at the Aigantighe Art Gallery, 49 Wai-iti Road, Timaru, New Zealand

Volcanic Plateau, Ink on PVC Digital print by Geoff Cloake 2009

The freedom to roam our hugely diverse expanses of land and marvel at its natural wonders is a huge privilege. As a nature lover and photographer I value this ability highly and for 40 years I have enjoyed exploring New Zealand intensively, by road, boat, plane and on foot, often camping out in the most amazing scenes for the most awesome moments.

Over the last 13 years, I have developed my own methods to hunt out the specialness of our land, interpret its beauty and drama, and portray it with my style of large mural photography and computer art.

AT LARGE is a mere peep into the land and my wanderings. More, it celebrates an amazing land, and everyone’s’ freedom to see and experience it.

Geoff Cloake. Canaan Magic. 2010. Digital print

Canaan Downs, Digital print by Geoff Cloake 2010