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Photography Technique

Here are some of the links i find useful in understanding and evaluating my photography.;">

Digital Camera Operation

Sean T McHugh has wonderful images on hisCambridge in Colour website and his section with tutorials on how to acquire, interpret and process digital photographs is very concise yet comprehensive, up-to-date and extremely well explained Also sets out the uses of RAW file format and how to benefit from high dynamic range.

DpReview tells you everything you want to know about camera models and what they are capable of. Here are all the details and test results for the Canon 5D.
Virtual Camera Having trouble understand the basic camera functions? This camera simulator will help you take vertual photographs with different camera settings. Can you get the racing car in the picture?
liquid sculpture

What great images here. Congratulations to Martin Waugh who combines art and science to capture nature's infinite beauty through these drops of liquid. However, in this case I am more interested in how he illustrates depth of field issues for cameras here.

Image Composition

In addition to the many sites devoted to creating and composing photographs I find many of the business development and graphic design sites and tools offer a different perspective. Some offer neat things for excersing the mind
ColorImpact - Instantly understand what makes appealing color schemes with this downloadable interactive color wheel byTiger Color.

Color Wheel Pro is a software tool that helps you create harmonious color schemes based on color theory.

Principles of Design Andrew Mundi has got many critical aspects of design 'hidden away' in this very simple site explaining the Principles of Design. A great introduction. It is also freely downloadable
Poynter The Poynter Institute provides this excellent perspective on Colour, Contrast and Dimension for News Design. Some serious research and creativity goes into selling newspaper and photographers can take some very important leads from this tutorialhere.
Creative Thinking

Introduction to Creative Thinking
Robert Harris's essay on creative/critical thinking and problems solving by evolution, synthesis, revolution, reapplication and changing direction, all from his book Creative Problem Solving: A Step-by-Step Approachby Robert Harris

Creative Thinking Techniques
More writings here by Robert Harris on producing a good quantity and quality of new ideas so that the best ones may be chosen and solutions applied.

A full tutorial is presented here

Paul E. Plsek & Associates, Inc business model of directed creativity utlises: preparation, imagination, development and action for certain results. The cycle begins with careful observation; couples with analysis of workings; generation, harvesting and enhancement of novel ideas for evaluation and final implementation.

Creative Excercising  
This 'Mondrain Machine' can quickly give some refreshing compositional stimulation. Great for a quick limber up. Mondrian broke new ground with such designs in his paintings.
Critical Analysis of Art
I also like to combine ideas from the 'Art' world too.
If you want to understand good art, make informed judgments, share personal insights about different types of art and how there is not just one "correct" answer to the question: "Is this good art?" learn about the art critiquing process within this very extrensive site here.
Percy Principles of Art and Composition Instead of following all the rules, theseprinciples by Marvin Bartel will stretch your thinking. Good luck!
The Art Sprit Robert Henri The Art Spirit. Philadelphia, 1923. (1984 paperback reprint)

Art of Seeing Book

Freeman Paterson Photography And The Art Of Seeing: A Visual Perception Workshop For Fi

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