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Searchable New Zealand travel directory with hundreds of up-to-date links for accommodation, transport, attractions, activities, tour operators and travel information for planning your holiday.

Great New Zealand Tourism Information for vacations and holidays in New Zealand.  Accommodation, transportation, activities, attractions and more links easily searchable.


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Travel, tourism and other information for travellers to New Zealand. Accomodation, activities, attractions, general information and more links easily searchable.


Resources and Directories for Fine Artists and Photographers

PhotoLinks Photography Network  
Joseph Holmes has spent a great deal of time in the high country of the Sierra and other wildlands of the U.S and his superb work is testimony to this.

Outdoor Photos

Very nice collection from various landscape photographers

Steve McCurry of Magnum is very internationally recognised and many of his photos have icon status.

This is a stunning website.

Extreme Instability:

Mike has some real storm chasing to aspire to here.

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir Very contemporary people, nature and landscape work.
EOPhotos - Landscape and Nature photography gallery Another Collection of fine landscape photography.
Guy Edwards is a professional landscape and wildlife photographer based in south west England

The Prettiest Image

Keep an eye on this site to get a measure of what most people find attractive.


Lens Culture is an international online magazine celebrating contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. Lens Culture features the work of photographers from all continents and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, lyrical, poetic, personal, abstract, human, and street photography.

My Russian friend Sasha referred me to this extremely exciting website where I can get lost for hours. Not understanding the language didn't help. But now I have found there is an English version.

Below are a few favourite photographers I have been able to find from this site:

Aleksey Puchkov

Here is a series of very dramatic Landscapes.

Maria Netsounski, a landscape and city photographer with an eye for the beauty of our world using most advanced photographic techniques


I just love the brave surrealism here and superb mastery of the digital image

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography Gallery This surpurb website exhibits work of the finest masters and pioneers of photography along with links to other websites of a exceptional standards.


Resources for Artists and Photographers

These sites help me keep in touch with local interests and activities. I use these often to learn of photographic opportunties and other local subject matter.

Local Events and Activities

Goto our Website Central South Island Tourism keeps its finger on the pulse and I have had a long association with them.


Through photography, you get to meet some amazing people doing amazing things. There are also a lot of dedicated people keeping everything organised and driving forward. These are sites that I highly recommend.


The Photographic Society of New Zealand

I am an individual member of thePhotographic Society of New Zealand which since 1953 PSNZ has been the umbrella organisation for photographic clubs throughout New Zealand assisting with competitions, exhibitions, publications, and distinctions.

Also I have a lifetime of friends and supporters in the Aorangi, Ashburton andChristchurch Photographic Societies and enjoy joining in with them. More recently I have become involved in various activities of the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand.

Thank you to all the officers and volunteers who have helped me on my way.


Photography by Ron Willems A close friend for 30 years Ron Willems has been an inspiration for me. Being a New Zealand born photographer based in Christchurch he has been photographing, lecturing, judging and exhibiting throughout this time.
" The Long Row" by  Gold Medal - 1999 P.S.N.Z National Exhibition.

Graeme Dainty has become a good mate at conventions and is making quite a success with his photography which specialises in Southern New Zealand images with the emphasis on our natural world

DeGeerdalen and Aurora Borealis by John C Smith - Worldwide Photography I am fortunate to have met and chatted with John C Smith who impresses me highly with his extreme adventures and demanding photographic standards. Visit his website to see what I mean.
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