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Technical Resources for Artists and Photographers

This section is like a dashboard for me. It is where all my favourite links are for quick access from any computer. This way you can share them too. Only sites of high technical value are to be included here

Photographers and Organisations

Through photography, you get to meet some amazing people doing amazing things. There are also a lot of dedicated people keeping everything organised and driving forward. I will only include sites that I highly recommend here.

Local Resources for Artists and Photographers

Here I am inlcuding sites that help me keep in touch with local interests and activities. I use these often to learn of photographic opportunties and other local subject matter.

Resources for Artists and Photographers touring New Zealand

We have a wonderful country here and we enjoy seeing others enjoying it. this is where I am linking to sites that help people find their way and to make plans and arrangements.

General Listings

I like to see what others are doing worldwide and often pay "cyber visits" to a lot of people I don't know. Seeing such diversity keeps my perpsective of photography on a very sharp edge. This section is to provide very good directories which can give quick access and any other of informative or inspirational value..

Creating the Links

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Text Link: - Fine Art Photography Prints & Stock Images of New Zealand Landscapes, Nature & People.


<A target="new" 
href=""> - </A>Fine Art Photography Prints & Stock Images of New Zealand Landscapes, Nature & People

Image Link:

Fine Art Photography Prints & Stock Images of New Zealand Landscapes, Nature & People.



<a href="" target="new"><img src="/httpdocs/images/Photography-by-Geoff-Cloake.gif" alt="Fine Art Photography Prints & Stock Images of New Zealand Landscapes, Nature & People " width="180" height="50" border="0"></a>

Optional Inclusions

Website Introduction

"Fine Art Photography of nature and humanity including New Zealand landscape panoramas, by Timaru photographer Geoff Cloake. View his collections and series, event photography and stories, photographic digital images and stock photo library here."

Introductory Statement

“Photography has been Geoff Cloake's passion for 40 years taking him along many paths including exhibiting, tutoring, judging, illustrated talking and authoring.  He is now focused on producing fine art prints and publication opportunities.  While he thinks of himself as a ‘photorealistic’ photographer he aslo enjoys creating abstractions from his images.”

Artist Statement for OUR LAND series

“I am compelled by wonder and awe for our landscape and go hunting regularly to capture the vast diversities in the New Zealands landform, especially with the ever changing atmospherics that make every image truly unique.  The digital age allows me the finest control so I can fully express my feelings about our land.”

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