"That's the great thing about photography. It goes with anything imaginable, any venture in any field of endevour, anywhere, anytime, in any form, style or magnitude.

As a documentor, photographs record many of our finest moments and shows inconceivable workings of our universe . Multitudes share and learn. Many are enlightened. Many aspire to greater things.

As an art-form, photographs entertain us, express the most unfathomable ideas, thoughts and feelings. It speaks to us about life and death, the just and unjust, our successes and follies, grandest exhilaration and deepest despairs.

As a socialiser, people live their lives with it and the world comprehends and grows much wiser. It drives some apart, but so many far closer together.

Photography is incredible, just awesome, so giving, so empowering. It powers me.

My power for life."


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