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Hi, everyone calls me Geoff, I have lived in Timaru, New Zealand, since I was born on 12 April 1954

My wife Marthy (Marti) is from Holland and works as a health promoter and chairs a local high school board. We have four children: Roselyn, Arjen, Annelies, and Ruben -  Rose is working for our business as an artist and the others attend local schools.  Their interests are varied but focus on painting, singing, bands, speech, drama, swimming & hockey.

 My Abilities

I also enjoy diverse interests and find I am capable in roles such as the:

  • director
  • researcher
  • planner & designer
  • marketer & promoter
  • educator & mentor

Through our company I am providing freelance services and in the long term, developing  our own 'virtual marketing' business for our family's artwork.

Being able to learn quickly and having strong technical abilities I am able to accomplish a wide variety of projects.  These often have a focus on visual communications, image development, and associated technologies.

My background is business development and engineering and I have a deep understanding of computing.

My Capabilities are in more detail here

My Interests My family, being very special for my wife and I, has focused many of our activities.  We have enjoyed developing a home together, holidaying and traveling, and supporting each other in a wide range of cultural and sporting activities.

I am a Rotarian of many years and am actively involved in several community projects including:

  • Promotion of the Arts
  • Life Education
  • Local Heritage

The outdoors remain my greatest passion with Landrovering superceding my tramping days.

Photography has gone hand-in-hand with this leading to many awards, lectures and the publishing of our book "The Secret South Island" and more recently the marketing of our photography series "OUR LAND"

See here for more information

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