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21 March 1977 21 August 1987
Employer J Wattie Canneries
1 March 1984 21 August 1987
Position Project Engineer - accountable for range of capital projects
Duties Management of projects involving:

  • Conceptual development and proposal
  • Financial control estimates & budgets, expenditure control and
  • reporting
  • Planning, design and procurement
  • Liaison with authorities,
  • Training, Installation and commissioning
  • 19 July 1985 21 August 1987 (management extension)
  • Management of site, building maintenance and staff
  • Management of plant and engineering staff for potato chip, frozen
  • and dehydrated vegetable operations


Plant Design: Bulk potato trailers with automatic discharge system
Potato chip bulk storage & conveying system
Drum unloader and pallet turntables, telescopic conveyers, packing
stations with carton dispensers, flumework
Projects New snack food operation
Redeveloped process lines for frozen/DHV form fill & seal packing
Steam pressure processing
Automation & control systems including:

  • batch weighing, computerised weighing and packing
  • data logging systems
  • Materials handling & storage systems including:
  • Food pumping, carton conveying
  • Bulk bin conveying, vibratory conveying
  • Reorganisation and upgrading of plant services including:
  • Water reticulation & recycling
  • Compressed air, coal fired boiler, system upgrades
  • Refrigeration heating, ventilating upgrade projects
  • Energy recovery
  • Building & yard development
  • Relocation and re-installation of plant to HornbyManagement Productivity Improvement
  • Streamlining of work processes and reduction of staff levels
  • Introduction of maintenance shifts
  • Training of engineers for maintenance backup
  • Rebuilding staff perception of their role in the company
  • Implementation of staff ideas
  • Reduction of repetitive problems
  • Preventative maintenance programme
  • Engineering budget coordination
  • Plant performance monitoring and analysis
  • Management and interpersonal skills developed
  • Computer skills developed
  • Statistical databases, spread sheets, word processing
  • Project management
  • Registration as Engineering Associate (REA)

21 March 1977 1 March 1984
Position Design Draughtsman
Responsible to L Nolan, Chief Engineer
Duties General draughting duties
Plant design and layout involving:

  • research and development
  • purchase of plant and materials
  • specification and implementation of work

1 February 1979 1 March 1984 (additional responsibilities)
Preparation of proposals and costings
Supervision of work and expenditure control
Training of staff and management trainees

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