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  • Halo over old goldminer's cottage at Welshtown

    X8114P Panorama

    This halo was only spotted because I was experimenting with a superwide lens to find some new way of photographing the old ruins.  And there it was! The halo was dipping right down into the top of my viewfinder.

  • Luna halo over Caroline Bay

    9563-5a1a Moon Halo - Portrait- 

    22 Degree Lunar Halo as seen from Caroline Bay on the night of 7 April 2001

  • Luna halo over Moeraki

    Moeraki Boulders and Luna Halo J0347P Panorama-Fv4-2

    Panoramic view of Moeraki Boulders on Koekohe Beach assembled before a rare 22 Degree Luna Halo. Two very unusual phenomena captured together, 9:45pm 5 September 2009, make for a very rare sight of the world’s best and largest examples of concretions

  • Lunar halo over Maori Park


    View of 22 Degree Lunar Ice Halo above our street (Te Weka Street, Timaru)

  • Solar halo over Cook Strait

    Within 3 months I saw my second ever 22° Ice Crystal Halo around the sun.
  • Solar halo over Lake Benmore and Omarama

    While driving west along Lake Benmore on a spectacular day, my cell phone alerted me to my first ever view of a solar halo.
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