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9563-5a1a Moon Halo - Portrait- 

22 Degree Lunar Halo as seen from Caroline Bay on the night of 7 April 2001


Ice Crystal Halo over Caroline Bay 7 April 2001

Apparently, large rings around the sun and moon are more common than rainbows - in Germany they are said to occur about 100 times a year.  Somehow I have been denied such probability of seeing them.  If it wasn’t for other people drawing my attention I probably would have never photographed them let alone seen the phenomena.

But then, what are the chances of walking outside, looking up when the moon is full, seeing the clouds just right to yield a huge halo spread over much of the midnight sky?  To photograph it well, a camera and tripod must be on hand and a wide open space found nearby in a hurry. Everything must then be hurriedly set up in darkness and exposures perfected - all before the amazing ring of faint light vanishes.

To complicate things, several pictures have to be taken with the widest lens to get it all in.  If not enough of a problem, some attempt at composition is also demanded so everything will finally stitch together into a complete and visually pleasing scene.

This was my first and, so far, only moon halo sighting when wandering outside one night to farewell guests. They looked up and pointed it out to me.  I never expected to photograph anything like this again.

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