The fog was coming and going so invariably over our coastline, I could barely catch the right moment when the sun would shine in creating vague fog-bows. So I found a suitable setting and left my camera on my tripod for half an hour… clicking away every 5 seconds. 300 images later, my 8GB card was full, and yes in there somewhere was this shot which I was after.

Then it dawned on me that these could be made into a time lapse video – and here it is:


Next time I will shoot in Jpeg format instead of RAW and by getting more images on a memory card I will be able to make images say every second for a far smoother effect. Also I won’t re-point the camera in the middle of the series. I had to make some panning adjustments to minimise a couple of jolts. A perfect result could not be gained because of the extreme corner distortions from using a 17mm focal length lens.


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