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Opunake mural street art

Having no particular reason to drive to Opunake, other than it was the most westward part of Taranaki, we were quite stunned to find a super abundance of wall murals called "Reflections of Opunake" 1900 - 2000. Commissioned by the Egmont Arts Council, designer and painter Dennis Lattimer completed these during April-May 2002.

opunaki wall murals h9502 20140608 1132251158

Opunake Surf Boating

Sunlight was pouring off this side wall mural of the Opunake surf life savers. Exposing for it threw the rest of the street into shadow, and further darkness following a few computer tweaks.

opunaki wall murals h9508 20140608 2026548894

Surf Lodge 35

Photographing buildings face-on seems to appeal to me, maybe because of my early draughting career, when we deigned buildings by drawing them square-on as elevation views.   The neat thing here is that from this approach I could get a peek of Mt Egmont, up the side street and beyond.

opunaki wall murals h9522 20140608 2000737668

Making up the Road

How would you feel if you knew you had a steamroller bearing down on you?  This is the fun of waiting for people to come alone, to help build up a story

opunaki wall murals h9505 20140608 1587533660

On at Everbodys' movie theatre

Being on the shady side of the street I saw this as an opportunity to generally underexpose the scene and work up the mural as if lit up like a movie screen.

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